Yesterday Bitcoin (BTC) made a nice pump out of it’s descending triangle which rekt some of my charts while others were unaffected.

The winners and losers were pretty well defined.

My Coin Analysis Journal

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum still remains as one of the best moves in my portfolio. Currently, up 162% the coin is now in its final push of the 5th Elliott Wave as yesterday’s candle set a new all-time high (ATH). I will be keeping a close eye on the movements over the next few days to make sure that I exit at or near the top which is estimated to be around $1000. This chart was unaffected by Bitcoin yesterday and if anything is benefiting from the moves.

Storj (STORJ)

I expect Storj to continue to go down in price today as it’s in leg 4 of the Elliott Wave. I am thinking that 13500 will end up being a nice support level for it to bounce from. In the big picture, the price is right below the .786 fib level which is a good entry. It almost seems like this coin will form a cup and handle, but it is too early to call. I am happy with the movement this coin has made thus far and look to pick up another 100% gain or more when leg 5 hits.

Civic (CVC)

Civic has been moving nicely following the trend line that it started at the beginning of this run (green line)! This morning it appears to have broken out of the price consolidation and moved up 15%. I expect to see more growth out of this coin in general. I love when a chart shows divergence! (See red arrows below) Notice the different directions of the arrows. They are going away from each other and not following the same path. This is a pattern you should look for. The RSI is starting to show that its oversold which means more buyers are coming in which will continue to drive the prices up!

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